Devotional Resources

Good resources for home devotions, study, and reflection!

  • In this time of world-wide crisis, congregations throughout this church are not able to gather for worship as the body of Christ. While you cannot be together in person, you can hear the word of God and hold each other in prayer. We offer this brief resource as an aid for prayer in the home. As with intercessory prayer in the assembly’s worship, you are encouraged to adapt these prayers for your local context.

  • These two Lutheran pastors from North Carolina are brothers and every morning they share a good morning to God prayer, a song, and scripture.  The second video they share is a kids video with a children's sermon and song.  Watch the March 17, 202 video for an introduction.  Check it out!

  • Poetry can give us words when we are struggling to find them.

  • I’m sharing 20 questions with you to help you do your own best thinking about how to respond to the problem, whatever the reality of your community, your family, and your own health. Read through them, and see what questions stand out to you.

  • As part of her piece "Using the Love Commandment to Talk COVID-19 With Kids," Christian ethicist Kate Ott collected drawings and quotes from children engaging in the topic of loving your neighbor during this health crisis. Here's what they had to say.

  • Mockingbird is an excellent web page resource of adults. It has useful meditaions on parenting and being a Christian today.