Summer 2024 BWCA Boys & Dads Youth Trip

August 8-11, 2024 - High School Boys          REGISTER HERE

  • Cost: $25 holds your spot.  The whole trip will cost $75 (scholarships available)
  • Pastor Tim will be leading
  • Leave Thursday August 8th
  • Return Sunday August 11th
  • Canoes & Paddles provided
  • Equipment list below
  • Whatever equipment needed can be borrowed

July 25-28, 2024 - Dads & Boys                          REGISTER HERE

  • Cost: $25 holds your spot.  The whole trip will cost $75 (scholarships available)
  • Pastor John will be leading
  • Leave Thursday July 25th
  • Return Sunday July 28th
  • Canoes & Paddles provided
  • Equipment list below
  • Whatever equipment needed can be borrowed

BWCA Equipment List

This packing list is meant to help you decide what to bring and how to pack for your trip. You may not use all of the items on this list but you must be prepared for a wide variety of conditions. Please bring all of the items on the list and any other optional clothing and equipment you choose.

It is best to bring your gear to your meeting place in a small duffel bag . You will transfer your gear into canoe packs provided by Atonement. Space is limited so pack selectively. Delicate items such as medications or cameras should be packed in waterproof containers or zip lock bags. To keep your gear organized, consider using plastic zip lock bags, stuff sacks or pillow cases.


__ Waterproof Jacket & Pants – Must be sturdy to withstand wilderness conditions.

__ Pants – 1 pair quick drying nylon or other synthetic is best.

__ Insulating Tops – 1 heavy sweater or fleece jacket, 1 lighter top made of fleece or wool.

__ Long Sleeve Shirt – Lightweight shirt for protection from bugs and sun.

__ T-shirts – 2- 3 quick drying synthetics are best, cotton is okay.

__ Long Underwear – 1 Pair of tops and bottoms made of polypropylene or other synthetic. No cotton.

__ Shorts – 1-2 pair of shorts. At least one pair should be made of quick drying nylon and can double as swimsuit.

__ Swimsuit

__ Underwear – Enough underwear to keep you happy.

__ Wet-Shoes – One pair of durable, closed-toed shoes to be worn while canoeing. Keens are good, old tennis shoes work.

__ Camp Shoes – One pair of shoes to be used when off the water around camp.

__ Socks – 2-3 pairs of wool or polypropylene are best, cotton will not keep you warm if wet.

__ Sun Hat and Warm Hat – One to protect from rain and sun. One warm stocking cap for cool weather.

__ Sleeping Bag – 3-season synthetic fill sleeping bag with nylon stuff sack. No cotton or flannel bags.

__ Ground Pad – Ground pad or Therm-a-Rest inflatable type.

__ Water Bottle – Plastic or metal water bottle or canteen.

__ Flashlight or Headlamp – Bring extra batteries. Keep it small and light.

__ Sunglasses – A sports strap to hold them on is helpful.

__ Small Day Pack or Dry Bag – A small day pack or dry bag to carry items you'll need during the day.

__ Toiletries –Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.

__ Sunscreen & Lip balm – Make sure it is at least 15 SPF.

__ Insect Repellent – Avoid using aerosol cans.

__ Bandanas – 2-3 Bandanas used for a variety of things including marking your bags, washing up, etc.

__ Money – You are responsible for meals, maps, souvenirs, etc. while on the road.

__ Medications – Check with adult trip leader.  Store in waterproof containers. 


__ Small Pocket Knife – Remember to put in your checked luggage if flying.

__ Gloves – One pair of lightweight wool or synthetic.

__ Fishing Pole – Collapsible poles and small tackles boxes are best. Don't forget your Minnesota fishing license.

__ Diary/Book

__ Bug Headnet

__ Camera – Store in padded, waterproof/plastic bag or container.

__ Change of Clothes – For the ride home (packed separately and left in the van).

__ Several Plastic Bags – They always come in handy, especially to organize your gear.

__ Towel – Small and synthetic is best.