Spirit Trek April 2021 Project

The community project for Spirit Trek and members of Atonement this month is a collection of food and supplies for senior cats and dogs.  Grey Face Rescue & Retirement focuses on animals 7 years and older. They accept all seniors into their rescue and hospice care. They don't discriminate against specific breeds, medical conditions, behaviors or history – they believe all seniors deserve a second chance. The volunteers work tirelessly to match each of the seniors with a specific foster for their continued care. They also seek special and educated adopters to give the seniors their forever homes.

They are in need of food, collars, leashes, litter and other supplies. Please bring all supplies to the collection site. If you wish you can also make cash donations, make a check out to Atonement and put on the memo line Gray Face.  This is the list of items Gray Face is requesting please list them with any information about the project.

  • DOG SUPPLIES:  Flea/Tick, Heartworm Preventative, Senior Dog Food, Calming Collars, Collars/Leashes, Orthopedic Beds, Kennels (all sizes), Baby Gates, Kong Balls
  • CAT SUPPLIES:  Litter, Soft Cat Food, Hard Cat Food, Cat Nip