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Just a Reminder!

The Hospitality Committee would like to request that people who use the kitchen equipment to please return all items to the place where you found them in the first place.  We have had some problems locating items, when needed, and have found them in the most unusual places.  While we do try to keep our sense of humor, our detective skills are not as sharp as our cooking skills.


We also wish to announce a time change for our monthly meetings.   The new time is 1:00 the first Thursday of the month.  We are looking for a wide variety of input from the congregation (from everyone, men, women, youth) to help make the Atonement Hospitality Committee as good as it can get.  We want make the kitchen more efficient and streamlined and kitchen scheduling easier.  If you can come to a meeting, that is wonderful; if not, let me know your thoughts. 



Atonement Prayer Chain

If you have any prayer requests please call or email the church office at 320-252-6203 or  If you would like to be added to the list of email recipients for the prayer requests please send your email information.  Thank you! 

Bulletin Prayer List Updates

Please send updates for the prayer list and the soldier list to the office at 252-6203 or  Please let us know if there are names that should be removed or added.  ~Thank you!